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Hello! I’m Freddie, and I’m a Freelance PSC Sound Recordist as well as a 2nd Assistant Sound on Film & TV Drama. I have years of experience working on set recording sound for a wide range of different productions, covering TV, Film, Documentary, Corporates & Commercials. I'm London based but very much happy to travel. 

Throughout my career I have recorded sound on location for large and well known brands such as Adidas, Barbour, Nike, Tesco and many more. I truly believe film making is a team game, and pride myself on working together with the whole crew to ensure that every department is getting what they need. Most of my bookings come from regular clients who appreciate my relaxed but professional attitude. I love what I do, and with the proper preparation, no shoot should be stressful.

I have my own professional kit which I know intimately. This covers the vast majority of shoots that I go out on. However, where additional kit is required I am able to source it from some of the best sound kit houses here in London, and I can get hold of pretty much anything that is necessary for a particular job if need be.

I always carry backups and spares of my vital pieces of equipment, ensuring that there is a Plan B no matter what the situation. When you book me, you can rest assured that sound will not hold up your production, no matter where we are. 

Feel free to get in touch.


Email : freddie@freddienevison.co.uk